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Who am I?

Today is October 22nd. Rosie and I just had an interesting conversation. On a daily basis we try to keep her mind in the present by taking her what our names are and who we are in relation to her. Tonight’s conversation went something like this:
Me: So, do you remember my name
Her: No
Me: Do you know who I am?
Her: No, who are you?
Me: I’m your daughter
Her: No! That can’t be right. How old were you when we met?
Me: (chuckling) … You gave birth to me
Her: I’m just flabbergasted …. Are you sure?
Me: (sigh) … Yeah, I’m pretty sure :-/

These conversations are coming more and more and are very disheartening. Rosie is in good spirits, happy and smiling most of the time. That makes this situation both much easier but also somewhat more difficult. She wants so much to remember and it often brings her to tears when she hears something that she doesn’t believe AND can’t remember. This whole thing would be so much worse if she were also mean and hard to get along with. Many days she believes I’m her sister, that cool and it makes her happy. She’s also called me her mom a time or two. Since I favor her mom in some ways, that too is cool.

Right now we are doing all we can to keep her healthy, which she is, so that we can continue to keep her with us. None of us can even conceive of placing Rosie in a home. She has appointed herself the keeper of our two dogs and one cat. They love all the attention and she has purpose in keeping track of their every move. So, life is not ideal but it is certainly good.

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