Our Life with Rosie

The Journey of Parenting a Parent

The lady downstairs and the little girl

As we take it day by day with Rosie, there are good days and there are less than good days.  We make the best of every day.

Yesterday I found an old photo album from a trip I took to Germany back in 1989.  Rosie asked if she could take it upstairs to her room to look at the picture.  After a stern warning from me not to shred the pictures (a new habit she has) and her promise not to do so, she went upstairs to look at the pictures.

Still a bit apprehensive I checked in on her and as promised she was just looking at the pictures.  About 30 minutes later she came into my office to return the photo album.  She handed it to me and said “the lady downstairs said I could look at this and I want to give it back”. I asked “what lady downstairs?”   Her response “the one that lives here”.  When I tried to explain that I was the lady who gave her the photo album downstairs she gave me a blank stare, handed me the book and walked out.

About 30 minutes after that she came back into the office with a photo collage comprised of pictures of her, me as a little girl and my step dad.  She started to explain that the little girl was her daughter and that one picture was of her first day of school.  I pointed at the girl and said “that’s me, I’m your daughter”.  She looked at the picture very intently and said “I don’t remember you ever being that short” …… #OurLifeWithRosie



    • Angela Lofton Moore

      Thank you for taking time to read and respond to my post Nancy. I hope the stories here will give you some sense of not being alone. I wish you much luck and much love on your journey.

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