Our Life with Rosie

The Journey of Parenting a Parent

So it begins …..

It’s Thursday evening and I’ve talked to Rosie several times today in preparation for this weekends big move. In anticipation of all that could possibly go wrong, I’ve informed her that she will be picked up on Saturday, mid day, and brought over here to our house and she will spend the night here from now on. On Sunday, the guys will pick up the few pieces of furniture she wants to bring here to complete her relocation. During our last conversation she repeated at three different times “ok, you’re picking me up on Friday, right?” Each time I respond “no, we are picking you up on Saturday”. Therein lays the main reason for our need to move her in with us. You see, since taking a nasty fall in May of 2012 her memory and, along with it, her ability to take care of herself has rapidly diminished.

I, along with my wonderful husband, have decided to bring Rosie to live with us and begin the process of parenting a parent. We know that we’re far from the first to take on this monumental task, but it is uncharted territory for us.

I have chosen to share our experiences with whatever readers find their way to this blog for two reasons. First, I believe the experience of sharing our experiences will be therapeutic to us as we navigate this new part of our lives and, second, I would like to let others know that they are not alone out there. I hope that others will share their experiences and, that through a network of support, we may all help each other in some small way. So, please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions then come back and visit us again soon.

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