Our Life with Rosie

The Journey of Parenting a Parent

Mommy I’m still hungry

When you hear that from your child, it’s not that uncommon, but when those words come from your Mom, it breaks your heart.

Last week, Rosie decided one day to eat dinner very early, around 4 pm. That in itself is not unusual but around 7:30 pm, around the time she usually gets ready for bed, she came downstairs and said “Mommy I’m still hungry”. The words tore at my heart, not because she was hungry. That’s easily fixed. I was torn because I realized that more and more she’s looking at me as her mom as opposed to her daughter. She’s forgotten my name and my husband’s name but it doesn’t seem to dampen her spirits, so we do our best not to let it dampen ours. She has decided to take on watering plants in our vast back yard, which totally exhausted her but she was proud of the work she got done.

On Valentine’s day, she had a visit from an old beau who brought her flowers, a balloon and candy (SMH) which brought her to tears. I was happy to see she recognized him. We had to confiscate the candy and allow her one piece a day if she wants it. With her diabetes and lack of sugar self control, we cannot trust her not to OD on the candy like a 5-year old on Halloween.

Every day we find her memory leaving more and more but she continues to be interactive and seemingly happy. She’s the self appointed responsible keeper of the dogs and cat to make sure they are accounted for at all times. She doesn’t cook so we don’t have a problem leaving her alone for very short periods of time. She very confidently uses the microwave for all her food heating and we happily allow her to do as much for herself as possible. We know the day will come when she won’t be able to do things for herself any more, right now we simply enjoy her as she is.

NOTE: As always, if you or someone you know is dealing with Parenting a Parent, please feel free to share your experiences. Support is a wonderful thing and sharing is caring. When it comes to taking care of our parents, for some of us it’s not an option. If I can help someone with this blog, it’s my pleasure to do so.

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