Our Life with Rosie

The Journey of Parenting a Parent

It’s not candy….


Last night after dinner Rosie came to me with a tangerine in her hand.  She had procured it at Bingo earlier in the day and she was unable to peel it so she asked me for help.  I peeled the tangerine for her and she ate it with her usual “yummy food sounds”.  She announced that she was going to bed and disappeared to her upstairs bedroom only to reappear a few minutes later with a KitKat bar which she apparently also confiscated from Bingo earlier in the day.  She handed it to me and asked me to open it.  I told her that I would not because it was candy and (because of her severe diabetes) she could not eat it.  She offered to hold on to it and take it back upstairs but I declined her offer explaining again that she can’t have candy because of all the sugar.  She gave me a look of disbelief mixed with some confusion, turned around and mumbled under her breath “I didn’t know it was candy; I just thought it was chocolate” 


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