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Food Fight

Most of us, when we were young, asserted a small part of our independence by eating what we decided we wanted to eat.  We have all had the peanut butter and whatever sandwich or, in my case a full school year of nothing but white bread, bologna and Miracle Whip sandwiches. It was something we could control to a certain degree.

With Rosie, it’s a bit like that except I believe she uses her food choices as her way to gain back memories. I can tell you that in her entire adult life up to now she has never ever eaten guacamole and salsa sandwiches before, but that’s what she likes now. She’s also into turkey and cheese (not too strange) with strawberry jam added. Because of her medical issues we have to control some of what she eats but as long as she’s not eating anything that would be counterproductive to her medical treatments, we allow her to do what she wants and we allow her to fix it herself.

Thankfully, she’s not interested in cooking anything or using the stove. The microwave is her friend and she uses it daily and correctly. We have learned to pick our battles, and realistically there are very few. When we do put our foot down, she’s usually cooperative and accommodating to our requests. We can only hope that things will continue to stay that way for a long while to come.


  1. Shirley Green

    Wow… I’m so moved my your page of your relationship with mom. I didn’t know you had a blog page for mom Rosie. I’ve enjoyed reading it, that it brought tears to my eyes. It reminds me of what I go through and the relationship we have with my special needs brother Tony. As of this pass December, We now have my 80 years old uncle here here with us to care for. Jesus, take the wheel some days. I still count it all as a blessing in hopes that somedaysome one will care for me as I do for others. God Bless you and your Husband for the care you have giving mom Rosie.
    Be Blessed

    • Angela Lofton Moore

      Hi Shirley, yes I needed to do something to share my journey and keep a little more of my sanity. Friends like you and Willie are so precious to have in our lives. We appreciate you and thank you for taking time to read and follow my blog.

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