Our Life with Rosie

The Journey of Parenting a Parent

A new year – the adventure continues

As we enter 2015, we find ourselves seeing more of a decline in Rosie’s memories but she continues to smile, joke and keep us smiling (mostly).

Recently, while at my brother’s house, she didn’t recognize him as her son and asked him out on a date. She now believes that Berlin Germany is ‘just down the street’ and that she didn’t really give birth to any of her children. These notions change from day to day and we just try to roll with the notions as they emerge.

She is active, walking on a daily basis as weather permits. She plays bingo 3 times a week and watches the news – and Let’s Make A Deal – religiously. We feed her books and magazines at every opportunity. She does enjoy reading and we know it’s a good way to keep her mind engaged.

I hope that this year this blog will engage others who want to share their experiences with parenting their parents or loved ones. I will try to bring you weekly updates and encourage questions and conversation around dementia and Alzheimer’s… Here’s to a good 2015!!

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