Our Life with Rosie

The Journey of Parenting a Parent

5 Months and counting

It’s been just over 5 months since we brought Rosie to come live with us.  She has adjusted remarkably well, taking on the responsibility of keeping track of our 2 dogs and 1 cat.  Even though they do not require it, she has taken it upon herself to herd them around her whenever she is sitting anywhere in the house or in the yard.  The animals seem to be quite ok with this new form of supervision and they love being around her.

Unexpected situations have arisen from time to time.  About a month ago, she wanted to walk around the house without pants and getting her to shower was a struggle for a time.  Both of those behaviors were short-lived.

About a week ago, she awoke thinking someone was calling her name and when she came out of her room to ask us about it, she was speaking (only) world class German and didn’t seem to understand me answering in English.  She did understand me answering in German.  The doctors did indicate that we should not be surprised if she fully reverts to her native German language at some point.

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